Drake is unstoppable on the Billboard chart to our home grown Oz Aria Chart, Aussies (and everyone else) is loving Drakes slick productions, killer hooks and melody's and solid innovative sound design.

Lately I saw Noah (Drakes long time friend and almost exclusive producer/co-writter/arranger/programmer) on a Native Instruments Promo see here , not a bad little clip (more promo feel) and it jogged my memory that if you want to get an hour long look inside this guys head check out our favourite interviewers Herb & Dave Pensado talking all things Machine, MPC's, workflows, mixing, writing and everything in-between. 

I really dig this interview because they get into the collab' nature of Noah and Drake and all the dynamics that go with these relationships (and hell yes it is one). Plus it reminded me to catch up on my Pensados Place.

Excellent to be back, new vid's on the way.

Much Love,



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