Getting unique sounds and air into computer made music is one of the biggest battles we fight.

By air we mean the extra ambient noise a microphone picks up when recording a sound for music like a guitar or a drum. This extra noise can give your productions the real magic of space that you get from analog recording. One way to get this air into your productions is to use samples recorded with nice air or ambiance. You do though have to be careful to get good quality ambiance in your recording, not bad (there is a difference).

Factors like good or bad microphones, pre-amps and rooms or spaces can all effect the quality of the ambiance in recorded samples.

One way to get unique samples is to grab a mic or a Zoom recorder and get tracking! Or you can check out some of the great online sample stores for most of the time cheap and sometimes free products. 

The guys at HELLO SAMPLES have a great boutique selection of samples for sale and plenty of obscure high quality free ones as well. They offer Ableton, Maschine and MPC formats and offer drums to synths to percussion to leaves and a pen and paper kit! 

In a world of music where you need to stand out these guys products are a great start.