Eventide are giving away there latest plug-in the Ultra Channel for a limited time.

The news about this plug-in has been buzzing around the internet for a few days now and for good reason. We are a little late to the party on the news but it has given us time to get to know the Ultra Channel and what it offers. 

First off what a plug-in. The depth of features are incredible and the Ultra Channel is fast becoming my go to plug-in. Including the standard compression, eq and gain this channel strip adds delay, gate, multiple stages of saturation and the insanely good micro pitch shift unit taken from Eventides legendary H3000 Harmonizer unit. The micro pitch shift allows you to widen any signal added to it and is especially good for synths and guitars to get the ultra-stereo effect.

The O-pressor is a standout as well taken from its big brother the Omni-pressor. This compressor shines for pumping side chained synths instantly giving me groove satisfaction on EDM style synths.

Overall if you grab it now for free you will not be disappointed with this strip on anything you throw at it. And if you miss the offer for $249 its well worth it as well.

GET IT FREE HERE (before July 8th)

Code: 0F736710

 Here's Russ from www.protoolsexpert.com with an in depth review.